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German donors expand patient access to life-saving, plasma-derived therapies

KEDPLASMA is a Kedrion Biopharma company specializing in the collection of high-quality plasma in Europe and the US through state-of-the-art plasma collection centers. It has four locations in Germany: Bayreuth, Fürth, Ingolstadt and Augsburg.

By donating in these centers, donors contribute to expanding patient access to life-saving, plasma-derived therapies. Plasma cannot be produced artificially. It is obtained only through the generosity of volunteers who make a precious donation to others. KEDPLASMA seeks to increase donor participation by making donation easy, comfortable and safe and by educating donors on the importance of their “gift”.

During 2016, collection volumes in Germany reached a total of 111,500 liters of plasma. Collected plasma is processed by Kedrion Biopharma to produce therapies for use in treating patients in the areas of Immunology/Neurology, Hepatology and Critical Care.

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